Prone Bearbeiten

If a character/npc is prone it takes -20 to all defense/attack rolls. Additionally only the hex in which the character is prone can be the target of melee attacks.

"Move 1 hex on PassBearbeiten

A character may move one hex when choosing the Pass option in Combat

Engage requires a TA to attackBearbeiten

In an engage combat option, upon engagement, each party makes an Initiative roll. If anyone gets a better success level, they get a TA – otherwise the turn ends. This is an optional rule in HMG – this House Rule adopts the option.


If a person is OUTNUMBERED, he normally experiences a -10% penalty for each person (over 1) that is exclusively engaging him (i.e. not also engaged by someone else). See COMBAT 8. The basis of this is that the person’s attention will be to some extent occupied by all such people, and their choice and speed of actions impacted by such presences. This rule allows that the proponent can choose to IGNORE some/all such people, so that for each person IGNORED, they do not count towards outnumbering. However, any attacks from such IGNORED people can only be defended using the IGNORE option. This is thus a dangerous and aggressive tactic, suitable for desperate situations, beserking etc.


When using the Engage Combat Option, the base rules say there is an opposed Initiative Roll, with the victor (if there is one) getting a TA. This House Rule refines this by modifying the roll using the Weapon Comparison Table. (Justification: The guy with the PoleArm should have a better chance of fending off the guy with the pen-knife than vice-versa).Similarly, it is also modified by OutNumbered, and other factors affecting combat.